Financial ETFs Explained – Financial ETF Types

Financial ETF Types:

XLF -Financial Select Sector SPDR

This is your very basic Financial ETFs long (bullish). It tracks some of the major financial stocks such as Goldman Sachs (GS) and Morgan Stanley (MS). This is by far the least volatile financial ETF out of the others I use (outside of the normal volatility we see in the financial stocks today, of course). It also retains the value well in a long period of time. If you want to buy and hold financial firms for the long hawl, go with this.
Pros: Basic way to play the financial index; low volatility; good time value
Cons: Not as volatile if you like volatility and big gains
YTD Performance: -24.84%

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Don’t Trade Before Option Expiration

Today I closed my long position on UCO.  If you recall, this was a complete accident but I ended up benefiting from it since UCO gained pretty significantly in the last two days.  I still have my POT (put option) which will probably expire worthless even though POT price is lower than when I bought it.  This is solely because of time decay and option expiration. Continue reading