7 Ways to Profit During Tough Financial Times

7 Ways to Profit During Tough Financial Times

Living in Colorado (where I live) have their advantages for business. But the weather is not always pretty. But down on the southeastern coast, things will get just a little scary. No matter where you reside on the bottom, if you’re around the coast a person always has the nagging feeling that it is just a matter of time before whacked by the destructive hurricane.

Anyway, here’s why I bring this up: Just like weather hurricanes… you will find FINANCIAL hurricanes, too — which may happen ANY time and (if history is any indication) unleash miseries galore for the unprepared.

Here are a couple of ways a friend once sent me to prepare for the children. And, if you are sharp, PROFIT from them:

1. Multiple Income Streams

Multiple Income Streams Having only one income stream is DANGEROUS at this time. If that’s you, then you may do worse than constructing a second (and third) one as fast as humanly possible. With corporations and the shady people running them, it is usually financial suicide to depend upon just one single income!

2. Attract Nothing But Good!

We control our future with the thoughts we’re having at this time. Do you want a wealthy life? Think of your lifetime at this time as if you already have it, it becomes true! We are our opinion we are. The Law of Attraction is working each second of our lives! Knowing what we’re thinking right this moment will shape the longer term!

3. Stay Awake

Opportunities ABOUND right now. If you’re awake (and sober), you can see them. There is an opportunity around us every day! But people who reap the benefits of them and profit from them are those that are way in advance of everybody else. Take your ‘blinders’ off and spot the opportunities which can be hunting you down right now!

4. Don’t Lean On Politicians and Wall Street.

Pinning your fate with a politician (or party) can be a bad idea. It’s why so many people are broke. With the irresponsible and under-reporting of economic statistics and poor investment advice that is going on every day, everyone needs to avoid ‘following the herd’. Just like Warren Buffet said: “When most people are buying winter coats, I’m buying spring jackets.” More Warren Buffet Quotes.

5. Know Your History.

Many smart folks got rich in the past depression. Find out what they did, and then rinse, lather, and repeat. (Hint: They started an enterprise!) Think about this, the richest people on the planet are BUSINESS OWNERS!! The poorest, are employees – people working FOR the rich! You want a bigger and life to suit your needs family? Start a small business right this moment! The rich LOVE times of economic turmoil, it means financial resources are coming their way – surprisingly.

6. Sharpen Your Skills.

Negotiation “guru” Jim Camp stated it best: “The more potent we have been, the greater respected we are.” Good deals often chase people that master their business. (And not the opposite way round.)

7. Learn To Sell.

Selling could be the world’s HIGHEST paid profession. Those proficient at it are invariably sought after. However, after all, selling isn’t for all. That’s why you will find systems of education and information available that allow anybody else to be ‘efficient at selling’ without actually selling! The system will suit your needs!

What all this is dependant on is that it is very important to begin your business to prosper in tough financial and economic times. If you don’t, the “hurricanes” of financial destruction will swipe you away into the ocean allowing you to sink or swim!