I have $100- which broker should I start?

I have $100- which broker should I start?

When we go through IQcent customer reviews we understand that this broker will not insist for a huge investment. Only if and when the depositor is convinced that it is a safe and reliable platform for investment he/she can invest more. Also, there are equally good or even better deals offered by other brokers who also allow deposits as small as $10. It is indeed a wise approach to start with a very low amount as deposit. One can also check out, opt for a withdrawal and if convinced, then increase the deposit amount. There is a common tendency to stamp the broker as a scam without sufficient proof. The depositor may confirm that the broker is regulated by ASIC, British FCA or any other financial watchdog. No depositor can take it for granted that it is always safe to trade with unregulated brokers like IQcent.

Avoid unlicensed brokers

Nobody will take the risk of trading with an unlicensed broker. IQcent customer reviews highlight the fact that the broker is located in Marshall Islands where there is no FX regulator. Hence it is not a regulated broker and also being located in Marshall Islands does not mean that they are licensed there. When all these facts remain, one cannot say that depositing money with IQcent is 100% risk-free, in spite of the fact that they accept deposits starting from $10. Whether it is IQcent or any other broker, you can deposit money if they are regulated by repute licensors like FCA or CySEC. A legitimized broker firm will be adhering to a set of rules that are applicable to all brokers. The regulators insist for the compensation scheme for depositors under which the depositors get reimbursement in case the broker goes insolvent or fails to repay the money for any other reason.

Is IQcent legit and reliable?

It is a fact that IQcent is a Binary Options broker who accepts low minimum deposit of $10. Also, they pay bonus up to 200% and offer 24/7 customer support. However, only after going through IQcent customer reviews one may take the conclusion as to whether IQcent is legit and reliable. From the review we come to know that IQcent is a relatively new forex and binary options broker. Bronze account offered by IQcent is for beginners with $10 as minimum deposit amount. Maximum deposit allowed is $1000. $250 minimum deposit is required to become eligible for Bonus +20%. Withdrawals are possible within 1 hour and 24/7 live video chat support is provided. Since IQcent is neither regulated nor licensed, those who want to deposit money with this broker may have to do the same exclusively on the basis of their trust on the broker.

Minimum deposit of $10 is indeed a great option. The investor is not forced to make a big investment. However,  there are various other brokers who also offer the same facility and also are better in other aspects.