Yield Crowd Review

Yield Crowd Review

Yield Crowd is a portal to buy U.S. real estate tokenized as YIELD on the stellar blockchain.

Yield Crowd, lauded as one of the top real estate token platforms just one year after its inception in 2021, has successfully tokenized $50 million of assets for its platform as YIELD tokens, currently traded on the Stellar blockchain at yieldcrowd.com

This represents one of the largest Tokenizations by a U.S. real estate company, and Amariah Olson, Yield Crowd’s Founder, seeks to “connect the US commercial real estate market worth over 17 trillion to the millions of oversees investors via a high tech blockchain offering.”

Yield Crowd maintains its transparency by working alongside professional real estate firms and brokerage companies, such as Arbor Commercial, Colliers, Marcus & Millichap, making investment opportunities more available to the global investor base. Since its launch in 2021, it has now exceeded the $50 million mark of the total value of properties backing its YIELD token.

“It’s very exciting that now with blockchain technology, companies can essentially bypass the wall-street stock exchange listing model, and list shares or bonds directly to the blockchain itself, where buyers and sellers can find eachother in a peer to peer network.”

Yield Crowd is currently open to non-U.S. investors. The exclusion of non-US investors is in a bid to remain compliant with U.S. regulators. Olson believes that, with the financial backing of their private real estate company Olson Capital Investments, thousands of non-U.S. investors will have easier and more transparent ways to diversify their portfolios within the commercial real estate market that was once hidden behind a closed door.

Armed with modern technologies that bring to reality the tokenization of real estate, the company facilitates online investments into a pool of institutional class pre-vetted properties and gives investors 24-hour access to investments through an online investor dashboard where they can connect with the Stellar Decentralized Exchange portal to trade the tokens amongst each-other. Investors can buy/sell/trade at any time, potentially increasing the liquidity of real estate-backed investments, while still maintaining high returns through dividends and appreciation in a stable+ token.

Yield Crowd, which approves every property purchased in the portfolio, has a wide asset base that spans commercial and residential properties as a way for investors to diversify their investments and, by extension, their risk. The investor is subsequently notified of movements on their investments, such as when the tokens have been purchased or traded, as well as receiving any resulting distributions, such as rental dividends from the Tokens.

Operating originally from Atlanta, GA, Yield Crowd’s investments have branched off into several other states including North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and California.

Yield Crowd is gaining steam with its innovations and continued success. With the Series A funding facilitated by Olson Capital Investments, the tokenization platform is likely to attract more big investors. With this much capital injected already and so many investors signing up, the only direction left for Yield Crowd is up.

For more information visit https://yieldcrowd.com